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We repair, redesign and refresh your jewelry, actually we can do almost anything your heart desires.

Ring Spa

Want your ring to look like the day it was born? Try our Ring Spa! Only $30 for lasting polish and luxurious deep clean. It works on bracelets, too. If only that would work on us?

Your Jewelry Reimagined

Do you never wear that awful brooch you inherited from your favorite aunt? Let us reinterpret it into a stunning statement ring. Or that dated charm bracelet grandma used to love? We can inspire it into a collection of layering necklaces the kids will be fighting over. Even Mom’s sweet sixteen pearls can be re-presented in a way even millennials willingly wear them. Sometimes simply changing the color of the gold will take those ugly ducklings out on the town where they can shine.

Sizing, Alterations and Repair

Is your ring finger swelling up so much your hand is going numb? We can re-size it. Have you scraped your go-to ring on the door jam one too many times? We can fix it. Did you recently look down at your wedding ring and notice your diamond was hanging by a thread? We’ll reset it. Does your bracelet or ring keep flipping over to the wrong side? We know what to do. We offer full-service jewelry repair in any precious metal: any color or karat of gold, platinum and sterling. The short list is: ring sizing, stone setting, chain repair, re-tipping, gold and rhodium triple plating, pearl and gemstone bead stringing, clasp security, reconstruction, casting and more. We like to say we can do anything!


Sometimes your jewelry is too good for melting down. We offer evaluations at no charge of your fine diamond and precious stone or signed jewelry. After we review your collection and analyze market conditions, we may offer a consignment at substantially higher pricing than scrapping your gold, platinum and sterling diamond and gemstone rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Entire inheritances and estates are frequently presented to us and we have substantial experience in the areas of jewelry and rare coins, currency and collectibles.


Do you need an appraisal? This depends on the item and what goal you wish to achieve. Jewelry appraisals may be written or given verbally. It is highly advised that you insure your jewelry purchases against loss. In that case, a written insurance appraisal is required. If you have inherited an estate, the appraisal depends on value, amount of items and if the items need to be distributed or sold. Sometimes a soft or verbal appraisal is all that is necessary to decide how to divide items fairly or whether it is worth selling or insuring. We can help you with these evaluations.

Casting, Engraving and Settings

Is it time for the upgrade diamond? Whether you select a loose diamond from us or inherited a family stone, we can set it correctly and safely. Are you enamored by classical decorative engraving designs? We have the expertise to design it into new or your existing jewelry. Do you want words, letters or names? We can engrave your message or even cut them out of gold or even set them in diamonds and precious gemstones. And we can even cast and design in any precious metal. See Custom Design for our complete design options, from dream to done.
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