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Best jeweler in The Valley! I needed a ring for my girlfriend and I was looking at all different types of stores, DEI Amazing Jewelry was hands down the most informative jeweler out there. Thank you so much for being so responsive and so helpful about all of the different types of styles and layouts that you offer! 5/5 RECOMMEND!!

Amadeus S. |  Las Vegas, Nevada

Dawn is everything you want in a jeweler! She gives you a personal experience because she is more into building a friendship with you rather than making a quick buck. She is honest and will do almost anything to accommodate your every need! She sold myself and my (now) wife our rings. She sized mine and had it delivered to my place in a timely manner and never once stressed about it arriving before our big day. Not to mention her collection is eye-catching and extremely affordable for ANY budget. Her husband is also an awesome guy with lots of history facts and just a good guy to talk to. They're the ultimate customer service duo, if they're in your town at any jewelry show GO!

Martin Belmana |  Las Vegas, Nevada

I have bought 3 diamond rings for myself and one for my daughter. Dawn's work is one of a kind and so beautiful! Her diamonds really sparkle. I'm so lucky to have met her because she also happens to be very nice and an all around cool person. I trust her and the quality of her diamonds!

Shelly W |  Las Vegas, Nevada

DEI is amazing! They're honest, talented, and wonderful to work with. Dawn helped me make a moissanite pendant that is absolutely stunning, and I'm so delighted by it! It's perfect. She also resized and refreshed my wedding ring, so I can finally wear it again. LOVE. If you need a local jeweler for anything, I definitely recommend DEI. They're incredible.

Sarah M. |  Las Vegas, Nevada

Don't go any where else for your jewelry needs. I'm a first time buyer but forever buyer.

Kiel Hale |  Las Vegas, Nevada

I am absolutely amazing by the quality and design of her work. I dropped off a ring with what I thought was a challenge but she created a beautiful setting for me. If you are looking for someone who can create your dreams on jewelry designs then this is your place. I highly recommend them.

Tamara Ferrigno |  Las Vegas, Nevada

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