About Us

What We're About

Want a diamond engagement ring or the perfect upgrade diamond? We have it. We'll also design your ring right on the spot! Looking for luxury? Look over our opulent yellow diamond rings and Italian couture jewelry. Dream up some diamond stacking bands, diamond bracelets and diamond halo rings. We'll make it real. Check out our huge selection of diamond stud earrings and diamond halo earrings in white, rose or yellow gold.

Love color? Peruse our colored sapphire rings and no heat GIA and AGL certified sapphires and rubies. See colors glow in our emerald greens, blue green tourmaline and raspberry garnet gemstone collections. Peek at pink gold diamond jewelry, blue topaz rings and orange citrine pendants. Play with our stackable diamond rings and bracelets. And they come in diamonds and colors. Get what you want.

Visit our class A high security building on the ground floor where you will receive personal and private attention. Our diamond professionals have over 30 years experience brokering diamonds for some of the largest cutters and resellers in the world. You will find our price is highly competitive anywhere you care to compare.

Who We Are

Fine Jewelry and Diamonds are what we know and love! And we've been at it for over 30 years. We still get excited every time we design a diamond engagement ring, share a sparking sapphire bracelet or show the perfect diamond earrings by text. Think you can't afford a Personal Jeweler? You can. We can make or reimagine almost anything...and at ridiculously low prices. We are wildly passionate, overly thoughtful and collectively inclusive. We know you don't need jewelry, but it does tell the world who YOU are. Our job is to connect you to YOUR jewelry.

Meet Our Designer and Muse

Dawn has been in the jewelry and rare coin trade for over 30 years. Whether it's counseling you through the cathartic sorting of an inheritance, completing an appraisal and purchase of rare coins or collectible currency or designing an anniversary bracelet that will make your wife cry, her biggest thrill, is to hit your target square in the bull's-eye.

"When people come to me and say I want this but I'm not sure what it is, my job is to figure out what's in their head even if they don't know it. It's the most fun part of my job and very satisfying when you hold up a mirror to what somebody's telling you and they realized it's exactly what they were thinking!"

Dawn‘s classical fine arts, printmaking and graphic design education culminating in a fine arts degree, and her real life experience in the design and advertising world, make her a natural for jewelry design. Add her business and financial background and its easy enough to evaluate the history of money: rare coins and collectibles.

Curious about everything, her real love is people. "Even though I'm not curing cancer, I feel jewelry can bring joy and fun to a person's life. Gemstones and diamonds reach out with color and light. What a simple and delightful way to communicate. It spans all languages and cultures."