Crown City

What the Queen would wear. Why not wear crown jewels when you want to be Queen for a day? Or much longer. Launched in 2017, the Crown City collection was informed by the extravagance of the Crown, the stories of sovereigns and their delightfully frightful fashion excesses, from their iron grip on court dress and protocol to architectural vision and religion, of Louis the 15th to Queen Victoria. In our Crown City collection, we sought to overlay their exquisite jewelry holdings onto the modern woman living in a contrasting time, far from palace life, but delivering its opulence near to her heart, head and hand.

Crown City
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Diamond Leaf Couture Ring
SKU: 925537


GIA Fancy Yellow Diamond Cocktail Ring
SKU: 557962


Fancy Yellow Diamond Statement Ring GIA Certified
SKU: 976551


Diamond Pink Tourmaline Ring
SKU: 559143


Diamond Blue Tourmaline Ring Crown City Designer Collection
SKU: 925454


Diamond Blue Topaz Ring
SKU: 559144


Diamond Green Tourmaline Ring
SKU: 925236


Diamond Tourmaline Pendant Necklace
SKU: 558430


Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring GIA
SKU: 925544

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